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Sexy Female CharacterThis is a quick guide for any new Skyrim modders looking to create more realistic and unique female characters using mods on the Nexus.

I highly recommend you install Expired's RaceMenu mod to drastically improve the character creation menu both in terms of usability and customisation.

Recommended mods for Creating Realistic & Unique Female Characters in Skyrim

Body & Skin:

First, to improve the shape of the default female body install Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition – CBBE by Caliente. You can choose either a slim body or curvy body during install. You can see the curvy option in the first picture.

Next, for the skin texture I recommend installing SG Female Textures Renewal by Hello Santa. These textures add lots of detail to the skin to make it look more realistic.

Optionally, you can add some sexy looking sweat to your sexy new body by using Sporty Sexy Sweat – wet body skin texture – CBBE UNP UNPB ADEC Vanilla by Xs2reality.


TamiriFor a hair pack you can install KS Hairdos – Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shock. This will add over 500 new hairstlyes that you can add to your character (there's even some for males).

Eyes & Brows:

There aren't many eye textures to choose from in the default game so next add The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot to your game. This mod will give you loads more high resolution eye textures to choose from.

For the eyebrows I recommend Brows by Hvergelmir. This replaces the default eyebrow textures with handpainted alternatives and also adds some new ones to select.

Other Details:

If you want to go into a bit more detail you could also add some cute freckles to your character using Freckle Mania by tetrodoxin.

In the default game the warpaint and dirt looks blocky and low res so install XCE – Warpaint and Dirt by Xenius to improve the low resolution default warpaint and dirt textures. The main file and the optional beast tints will do that.

Note: For the warpaints to show up properly on your character, you'll need to add the line iTintTextureResolution=2048 to your SKSE.ini file.

And one final, absolutely essential mod to make your female character beautiful is tktk's Face Light. It adds a spell that lights up the face which makes it look so much prettier. I also recommend Gunder's Face Light add-on Face Light Plus to make that mod quicker and easier to use.

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  1. Hella late I know burning you’re reading this then there’s also a mod called Everybody’s Different that makes all the npc’s have different weight, hairstyles, height, skin textures, meshes, whatever you want and it’s completely customizable.

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