Standalone Armor Mods for Skyrim

This is a showcase of some of my favourite standalone armor mods for Skyrim that aren't already part of Hothtrooper44's Immersive Armors compilation.

Remember to endorse any mods you enjoy so that others are more likely to see it.

Armor Of Intrigue by Patobek Triss Armor Retextured by Psyke23 SPOA Silver Knight Armor by dopalacz
Armor Of Intrigue Triss Armor Retextured SPOA Silver Knight Armor Sharlikrans Compatibility Patch: Shield:
Scarlet Dawn Armor by jmenaru True Thief Armor by NewerMind43 Raven Witch Armor by Zerofrost
Scarlet Dawn Armor True Thief Armor Raven Witch Armor 2
Evil MasterMind Armor by Zerofrost Midnight Breed Armor by Stealthic Khaos Drakul Armor by Zerofrost
Evil MasterMind Armor Midnight Breed Armor Drakul Armor
Grace Darklings Ranger Armor by Grace Darkling Contractor Armor by Zerofrost theRoadstrokers Rogue Sorceress Outfit by theRoadstroker
Grace Darklings Ranger Armor Contractor Armor theRoadstrokers Rogue Sorceress Outfit
Rise of the Legend – Ysgramor by newermind43 Medusa Armor by Zerofrost The Witcher 2 – Geralt Light Armor and Witcher Swords by hucifer
Rise of the Legend - Ysgramor Medusa Armor The Witcher 2 - Geralt Light Armor
Mavari Armor by Zerofrost Silver Dragon Armor by Zerofrost Demon Hunter Armor by Jojjo, GraceDarkling and zzjay
Mavari Armor Silver Dragon Armor Demon Hunter Armor 2


Follower Mods Used in Screenshots:

Sofia – The Funny Fully Voiced Follower by John Jarvis and Christine Slagman

INIGO by Smartbluecat

TDN Followers – Necromancer Follower – Xavier by Nightshade

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