Player Home Mods for Skyrim

This is a showcase of some of the best player home mods for Skyrim I've used and enjoyed.

Take the time to endorse any mods you enjoy so that others are more likely to see it, and to thank the mod authors for making them.

White River Cottage

White River Cottage by Gentester

Offers in the region of 15,000 Septims

Stunning 2 bedroom detached property for sale located on the outskirts of Riverwood. House sits aside a peaceful river within walking distance of local amenities. Includes stables, modern kitchen, cosy living room, luxury spa and plenty of space for visiting friends and family. More details >>

White River Cottage Living Room White River Cottage Alchemy Room White River Cottage Luxury Room White River Cottage Master Bedroom


House for witches and druids – Mielikki  by Elianora and Nahkin

Offers in the region of 0 Septims

Ever dreamed of owning your very own giant mushroom house? Well now you can. This gorgeous home, situated just east of the lively town of Riften, comes fully furnished with alchemy and enchanting facilities. The perfect choice for any nature-loving types. More details >>

Mielikki Hallway Mielikki Garden Mielikki Kitchen Mielikki Bedroom

Mammoth Manor

Mammoth Manor by Lupus

Offers in the region of 0 Septims

This cosy 2 bedroom property, with breathtaking views across Lake Falkreath, has recently come on the market. Previous owners appear to have abandoned this beautiful home and deed of ownership shall go to whoever finds the key. Features include lakeside sauna. More details >>

Mammoth Manor Living Room Mammoth Manor Alchemy Room Mammoth Manor Kitchen Mammoth Manor Bedroom

Beginner Shack

Beginner Shack – Starter home by Elianora

Offers in the region of 0 Septims

Built into the mountains above Riverwood, this modest 1 bedroom property is perfect for first time buyers. With its open plan living space, this starter home comes complete with alchemy and enchanting facilities, open fire and ample storage space. More details >>

Beginner Shack Main Beginner Shack Alchemy Room Beginner Shack Kitchen Beginner Shack Upstairs

The Asteria

The Asteria by Mattcm919

Offers in the region of 0 Septims

A unique opportunity to own your very own luxury airship. The Asteria sits high above Lake Falkreath so you and your loved ones can escape the unforgiving lands of Skyrim. Home comes complete with armory, alchemy and enchanting facilities and the kind of views money can't buy. More details >>

The Asteria Living Room The Asteria Armory The Asteria Alchemy Room The Asteria Deck
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