Standalone Weapon Mods for Skyrim

A showcase of standalone weapon mods for Skyrim.

The Azincourt by Elvarheim Mehrune's Razor Reborn by trumpdog Longclaw by ImsumDave
The Azincourt Mehrune's Razor Reborn Longclaw
AtlanteanDragonSlayer by Cokla Valiant Nord Bow by Corvalho Zabuzas Executioner Blade by siberok92
AtlanteanDragonSlayer Valiant Nord Bow Zabuzas Executioner Blade
Brug Hild – Nordic Short Sword by MAIBATSU Witchers Silver Sword by Kimono – Standalone by backstept Sword of the Ancient Tongues by Corvalho
Brug Hild - Nordic Short Sword Witchers Silver Sword Sword of the Ancient Tongues
Hell Sword by adaptation & Newermind43 Berserk Dragonslayer by Phate3 Crainte Vomir by Hentai
Hell Sword Berserk Dragonslayer Crainte Vomir
Katana-YotoHatamonba by YYK Moral cat SPOA Silver Knight Crossbow by Arcane51388 Angel of Death by MAIBATSU
Katana-YotoHatamonba SPOA Silver Knight Crossbow Angel of death
Light Sword by Cuteunit Mars and Draco1122 Silversword Of The Dragonblood by tesfan123 Altairs dagger from Assassins Creed by Shrinkingcash
Light Sword Silversword Of The Dragonblood Altairs dagger from Assassins Creed
Nordic Kukri by KettleWitch The Bow of the DarkOne by Nicoroshi Nightingale Crossbow by DJjojo
Nordic Kukri The Bow of the DarkOne Nightingale Crossbow
Dragonspear by ImsumDave Spear of Thorns by Zerofrost Seranas Vampiric Sword by holugar
Dragonspear Spear of Thorns Seranas Vampiric Sword
Bow Of Shadows by Artisanix Mithrodin Sword by BlutKult  
Bow Of Shadows Mithrodin Sword  


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